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Beginning was easy, but sustainability, quality, and dependability was the goal. Our dedication and uncompromising attitude kept the goals on progression. And today, we stand as one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of the nation

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Hulas Wire Industries Limited has been an integral part of the Nepalese Steel Industry. With a reputation, quality, and trust unmatched across the industry, Hulas Wire aims to be a part of the building blocks of Nepal’s future.

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We strive to produce a wider range of products across our units and integrate vertically and horizontally to surpass the conventional boundaries of the industry.

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GI Wire

G.I., Galvanised Iron, wires are manufactures throught the process of annealing, pickling, hot dipping, and coating. Following the high-tech methodology, G.I. Wires are produced from Wire Rod.

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TMT, Thermo Mechanical Treatment, rebars are steel bars that are used for the construction of buildings and other concrete structures like bridges, dams, etc. Concrete has good compressive strength but poor tensile strength and that's why TMT bars are needed to reinforce the cement/concrete. The ribs on the surface of the TMT provides enhanced anchorage in concrete structures so as to hold it in the place and avoid slippage of the concrete materials form the reinforced bars.

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Gabion Boxes are multiple twisted hexagonally woven galvanised wire mesh. The hexagonal binding is done through machines and the formation of gabion boxes are done by hand. Gabion is an essential part of construction, especially due to Nepal’s topography. The gabion boxes and filled with stones and the interlock system provides extreme strength even in adverse conditions.

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MS Black Pipe, or Mild Steel Pipes, are pipes/tubes manufactured from MS Steel Coils. Mild steel black pipe is a non-galvanized steel pipe. It is easy to weld and forge into various shapes and sizes like tubes, pipes, and other tubing materials. Due to the steel used to make these pipes, they are widely used in the construction and general engineering industries.

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Hulas Alloy Division focuses on the production of Copper, Brass, and PB (Phosphorus Bronze) products. At Hulas Wire Industries Limited, we manufacture Sheets, Strips, and Coils of those metallurgies. Due to their high malleability and conductivity, these products are used in conductors, radiators, and other electrical uses. We manufacture these in a variety of thickness from 0.04mm to 8mm. We also produce Brass Circles which are used in the making of cooking utensils.

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